The real stories behind pop single covers

You might think that record companies used to send pop stars off to a photographer to make them wear costumes and stand in the woods and such, in order to take a picture to put on the front of a pop single. Well, that's right - but what if there was something else behind the pictures on the albums? Would they be something like this :

I told you wait for me before taking the net curtains down


Early design of Sonic the Hedgehog


I told you to wait for me before taking down the net curtains

Page 23 of the Grattan Catalogue, XXXXXXXXXXXXXL Jackets and mustard shirts

Page 25 of the Grattan Catalogue, pseudo-jeans

Edge in the huff after Bono pelts him with a well aimed snodger

Page 77 of the Grattan Catalogue, rubber, wipe-clean, stain-proof, heat-accumulation packing material

"Just so there's no confusion, I think we need to make it clear which Africa we're singing about"

"I wasn't up to anything, why?"

We can finish the decorating after the photo shoot

No Curt, you can't have an ice cream, you spent all our money on braids


"What? Me? Erm... I'm a - lamp post inspector or something"

Irene after stepping on an upturned plug

PVA glue and shampoo are not the same thing

"I told you I was wearing dungarees today. Now I look like an idiot!"

Gary can't sleep so he's reading his phone in bed

Four for the price of one on panama hats at Primark

Zooming into Kate's eye, we can see there's a picture of her younger-self tattooed on her cornea

Blind Melon before they could afford a rehearsal room

Terry in the naughty corner, thinking about what he's done

"Hello? Hello? I don't think this shoe is a phone you know"

Sixth floor please


Kate, regretting not tidying yesterday, slips on a tissue

Leo gets a new bouncy castle installed in his back garden

World record attempt, most people playing a piano at the one time


Taken during the national shirt shortage of 1977, the one on the left, 100% has been bullied into this photo

This album comes with matching placemats and coasters

I wasn't doing anything in the barn. The horse is lying.


The importance of using the correct voltage on your effects pedal


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