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The Wishing Tree


Paranopoly The Wishing Tree The Angel Wars (Part 1)

When Keith Knight sets out one morning to buy a tin of custard from his local shop, he didn't bank on falling through the fabric between his world and a land of fantasy. Mistaken as the 'Knight' from afar who, it is said, will lift the Mushroom King's curse on the land, he must face dragons, avoid swamp donkeys and negotiate the 'forest of certain death' to seek out the elusive and dangerous Baba Yaga in order to complete her three impossible tasks if he has any hope of reaching the Wishing Tree and returning home.

The Wishing Tree is a spoof of the fantasy genre featuring strange creatures, stranded Princesses, curses, witches and a talking cat.

Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that your life is mapped out for you? What if your fate was actually determined by something small - something like, what counter you used in a game of monopoly?

That certainly seems the case for Troy Thompson, a former F1 driver who now drives Taxis (because he missed the high speeds and risk taking) and used to be the little pewter car when he played Monopoly with five others back at the Silver Sands Caravan Park in Whitley Bay, in 1985. Now, twenty-five years later, the six friends are drawn back to the camp by something - something ethereal, something dark.

British Post Office worker and part-time club singer Jane Lord's world is turned upside down when her best friend Elizabeth is offered a management deal and recording contract in America. Quitting her job and travelling with her friend to offer support, it soon becomes apparent that the powers that be don't want Jane around. Left alone in New York, she is taken in by legendary blues musician and club owner Marlon Joseph who employs her as a club singer until news breaks of a competition that could change her life forever. TV show Planet Idol promises to make ten superstars through a televised talent show to be broadcast around the world. However, there are dark motives behind the scenes. Something that will change everybody's lives forever as Jane begins to understand the part she must play in the impending Angel War. It's been 30 years since Seryth the rebel Angel broke ranks and fell to earth, his mortal identity concealed. It seems his identity however is about to be revealed to the world.